July 21, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
The Patton Homestead  
650 Asbury Street
South Hamilton
MA 01982
John Duhamel
Mrs. Joanne H. Patton and the Town of Hamilton invite us to return to picnic at beautiful Green Meadows Farm and the Patton Homestead.  WPSNE families and Cadet Parent families are invited to join in an afternoon of old-fashioned fun. Alumni of our sister academies are encouraged to join us for this family event too. Previous guests recall what a splendid event this is.
BRING: Your picnic lunch and beverages, lawn chairs or ground cloth, athletic equipment
The event is free for all participants.

RAIN CANCELLATION: Call 617-784-0759 after 8:00 am, picnic day.

Do you require assisted parking? Space and mobility equipment friendly surfaces are available. Please let us know when you register or by email to John Duhamel at john@wpsne.org .

(Approximately 25 miles north of Boston)

From the South:

1. Take Route 95 North (either through Boston or around it, your choice), exit at the first Topsfield
exit–Exit 50–connecting there with old Route 1 North.
2. Continue on Route 1 North past the Topsfield Fair Grounds on right side of Route 1 and through the
first full traffic light at Route 97. Continue on Route 1. Watch for large blue sign on the right,
indicating a right turn for Green Meadows Farm coming up.
3. Turn right at the next full traffic light intersection onto Ipswich Road. There is a “Go Gas” service
station on your left and a Dunkin Donuts on your right. (Signs will indicate this leads to Bradley
Palmer State Park)
4. Continue on Ipswich Road approx. 1.5 miles—passing two “Willowdale Road” signs on the right
5. Take the next right at Asbury Street (ground sign on right indicates Green Meadows Farm, others
point toward State Park, this way). Continue past Park entrance.
6. Drive on Asbury Street approx 1 mile, passing Green Meadows Farm stand on right, passing next
driveway with multiple mailboxes, continuing on.
7. Turn right at the next right-hand driveway (2 short stone pillars with flower pots on top, just before
black mailbox marked “650”.) Look for the WPSNE sign.
8. Pull into driveway. Park along driveway or behind the barns.

From North:

1. Take Route 95 South, turning off at Route 133—Rowley exit.
2. Turn left off exit ramp, onto to Route 133, to Route 1 South.
3. Turn right onto Route 1 South continuing several miles.
4. Watch for large blue sign on left, indicating left turn coming up for Green Meadows Farm. Make
left turn onto Ipswich Road. (Turnpike Services service station on the right, a Dunkin Donuts on the
left, at traffic light).
5. Follow direction 4 through 8 above.

From Route 1A north off Route 128 East:

1. Turn off Route 128 at exit 20A, toward Hamilton and Ipswich.
2. Follow Route 1A from North Beverly to Wenham (passing Wenham Lake on left, just before
entering the town.)
3. Just beyond the white Congregational Church, turn left onto Arbor Street.
4. Follow Arbor Street just through blinking light intersection, US Gas station on right.
5. Pass US Gas station, then angle left, onto Asbury Street extended (signs indicating State Park and
Green Meadows Farm in this direction.) Asbury Street sign is on top of “Keep Right” traffic island
6. Go 1.5 miles to black mailbox marked “650” on left. Look for WPSNE sign.
7. Pull into driveway. Park along driveway or behind barns.

Welcome to Green Meadows Farm

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