Nearly 150 Army and Navy fans and alums watched Army “beat the hell out of Navy” at the Boston Beer Garden on December 10, 2016.  It was boisterous gathering in friendly competition and camaraderie at the Boston Tailgate as Army snapped its 14 year losing streak to Navy, 21-17.  Army fans clearly had the upper hand cheering for the Army team at the Boston Tailgate as alums did the rocket and sang “On Brave Old Army Team” several times. We not only had a good time, but we did some good raising funds for the New England Center for Homeless Veterans. It’s not too late to donate .  The Navy fans in attendance were most gracious in congratulating Army’s fans on a hard fought victory. The whole experience echoed the idea that though we wear different colors, both Army and Navy are on the same team, The American Team.

Board members John Duhamel and Ike Kim

Board Members Raoul Alcala and Don Webber

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