Wayne White represented WPSNE at the AOG Leaders Conference in August.  Dale Kurtz attended as a Regional Advisor to the AOG Board of Directors.

You are encouraged to read the slides from the Chairman, the CEO and the Superintendent as well as slides from the other speakers and presentations.  Here is a great video from the Superintendent’s brief that is very fun to watch.

The Association of Graduates is well led and continues to adapt to the changing needs and wants of graduates.  As the Chairman noted in his remarks, “WPAOG must and is evolving to best support West Point and its Graduates”.

To learn more about the strategic goals of the AOG, read the CEO’s slides.

The link to the slides is:


After the conference, the Northeast Region conducted its annual advisor election.  There are three advisors for each of the six Society Regions.  Each region elects one advisor each year to a three year term.  Dale Kurtz, President of the West Point Society of New England was elected to his second term as a Regional Advisor.

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